PDP Security

Hi ,

Im a bit in a rush so i will keep this simple and straight forward

A client asked me if they can hide a Project Detail Page (PDP) from certain users, i know that there is no out of the box settings to achieve that so i lunched Google and the first result was a blog for Andrew Lavinsky  (http://azlav.umtblog.com/2011/06/15/applying-security-to-a-pdp-redux/) the idea was to disable security inheritance on the PDP document level and assigning unique permission (Simple enough)  but if you already followed the link you will notice Andrew comment that there is an issue with that approach that it will only work under a very specific case

so i approached it a little bit different instead of setting up and changing permissions on the PDP level i simple created a SharePoint group (group who is allowed to view that PDP) and configured target audience for the Project Server Custom field web-part to target only that group.

and that is it , not the cleanest way the PDP name and link will still appear but it is the only way for the moment , please let me know if you have any better ideas


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