Project Online Workflow Issue (HTTP InternalServerError)


Just a quick post about an issue that i have had this week and i just managed to get to the bottom of it, I was working on one of my clients sites trying to create what you can consider the most straightforward WF it was a sequential workflow with no approvals, when i created the first project the workflow wouldn't move with and was stuck with the following status

Workflow Stage Status

The workflow is still processing. Refresh the page and try again.

when i went to check the workflow status it was in started for a while with the following error

The environment im working on is a test PWA (not the default PWA URL) and with SharePoint permission mode.

to resolve this issue or better to workaround this issue I have found that I had the Project site create ion settings is set to Do not create a site , and when I switched that to automatically create a site and I attached a project site to my project and restarted the workflow it did work fine with no issues.

I have a case open with Microsoft I will keep you all updated on this

have a nice day :)


  1. Hi Malek, we encountered the same issue that you had but applying your workaround got us only moving to the next error. Finally we handed the workflow site collection admin rights and now he was able to execute properly. We followed this article: https://www.dmcinfo.com/latest-thinking/blog/id/8661/create-site-from-template-using-sharepoint-2013-workflow

    1. Thank you Trutz , was that a Project online site you had the issue with ?