project server 2007 migrate to project server 2010

Ok, to make a long story short we are implementing project server 2010 for a client who we have already implemented project server 2007 so typically we need to migrate the current server .

so we started by studying our options the in place upgrade was eliminated project server 2007 was installed over 2003 server so i ended up asking my college to start a core upgrade following Microsoft steps


and for some reason once we provision the PWA we end up with a provision failure and no luck for 2 days , the upgrade logs showed that the data base conversion went on with 0 errors and 0 warnings . but still the PWA couldn't provision correctly we went over Microsoft instructions over and over and step by step with no luck .

so to resolve this issue i done the following

1-i followed the steps again until i got the provision error
2-provision a new 2010 PWA
3-replace the new 2010 PWA databases with the converted data bases from the 2007

and we ended up with a working project web application still we didn't fully test it but at least we have something to start with