Create Project status update Part 2

In the previous post ( Create Project status update Part 1 ) we created all the parts needed to Create a project status update, in this post we will put it all together and see how it works ,

Go ahead start your SharePoint 2013 designer and create a Project Server workflow, in the workflow insert the Status update stage and add the following steps

  1. Wait for Event when a project is submitted (very very very important) .
  2. Create item in the list that we have created and map the project fields to the list field (again do not forget the Project UID) 
  3. in the end in the transition to stage send the workflow back to the same stage it will look something like below 
Project Server Workflow

The reason wait for event is so important is if you dont have it the workflow will run infinitely, so the wait for will stop it. 

and this is how my test mapping looks something like this 
Mapping Project data to status update list 

that is it save and publish, next step is associate that workflow with an EPT , create a project and fill in all the data required, then hit the workflow submit button, the workflow will kick-off , your Status update PDP will look something like this after couple of runs 

Status update list

Next post will talk about the limitations and how to improve this 

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